Thursday, 14 November 2013

What Are You Asking People To 'Engage' With?

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More organisations than ever are investing huge amounts of time and money to improve employee engagement, with no clear understanding on their return.

This is down to the lack of clarity on what they want employees to engage with and the impact this has on business performance.

Most leaders would accept that engagement is not solely about the money people earn, the bonuses they receive or the incentives they are given. Equally, most fail to recognise that it is about the values, beliefs, and behaviors that create the culture.

So, ask yourself the fundamental questions: 

  • "what do you want your employees to engage with", and
  • "what impact on business performance will this engagement have?"
Once you have answered these, then you can ask the questions to establish the extent of engagement, and identify changes in culture knowing the impact you can expect as a result.


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