Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Leadership Lessons From The Dancing Guy

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Love this video! We've recently used a version of this with a senior leadership team to highlight how to nudge unwanted behaviour towards a desired norm. The clip supports a piece of research that finds it only takes between three and five people to form a new behavioural norm when visible to a larger group.

You can see this in action as the film unfolds, as one follower is joined by a third person and then by four and five before the whole audience rushes down to join the dance!

The narration on this particular version suggests that following is more important than leading. This is a really interesting thought. After all, there can be no leaders without followers so he has a point!

However, what is true is the importance of having both of these roles. The leader that sets the example and the two, three or four followers that dare to step out of the norm to follow someone who wants to be different. For without all of them, we would continue to dance like our parents!


  1. I love this - it transforms followers to leaders - a great discussion point for our leadership programme

  2. Nice fun example as to how we can stimulate change, thanks for sharing

  3. Hi Julie

    Glad it hit the right spot and provided a discussion point for your leadership programme.

    Hi Lisa

    You are welcome. All too often, leaders try the same stuff, just louder! Nudge theory gives us some great examples of changing behaviour that are pure genius. Above all, it introduced me to the concept of being a 'choice architect'

    Both: have a fun weekend :o)


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