Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Storytelling like Steve Jobs

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In this past week, I have seen and read some amazing tributes to Steve Jobs, and wish to honour his memory by recognising one of his greatest skills - storytelling.

When you watch his presentations, he shows clearly how to use narrative and storytelling to capture his audiences imagination, passion and enthusiasm.

Now, it is true that not everyone has Steve Job's presence or can tell a story quite the same way he did.

However, all leaders are able to develop their own style of storytelling, underpinned by passion, humour and spontaneity.

What stories do you enjoy hearing and telling? How do these reflect upon you as a leader? And, how can you develop your own brand of storytelling?

1 comment:

  1. I totally echo Kevin's thoughts about Steve Jobs and use him and the principals of storytelling as the cornerstone of Presentation Skills training. While we can't all match his presence in delivery, we can certainly adopt the concept of capturing your audience through the power of the story. Peter Giles


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