Monday, 10 October 2011

Challenge, Contribute and Change

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I was watching a film on my journey home the other day and noticed this quote, inscribed on the back of the lead characters wrist watch:

Challenge, Contribute and Change

As often happens, this small moment could have been overlooked. After all, it turned out that this wasn't even a key moment in the film!

But this time, this moment made me stop and make note. But why, you may well ask?

I had been running a workshop that day where this would have been very relevant to quote!

The group I had been coaching that day have been through a massive change since their organisation was created two years ago. And the change hasn't stopped, as new business is rapidly being developed whist jobs are being lost to reduce cost.

After working with them for the past few months, I have built up a view that there is little or no challenge happening within the workforce, a sense that individuals can't or won't contribute and often a life time experience that simply gets in the way of them embracing change.

Of course, this organisation isn't alone in this. When times are tough and people need to step up to the mark, the opposite often happens. People retreat and abdicate responsibility to an amorphous body they have created called "the organisation", one that doesn't really exist - or not in these terms any way. Equally, those people in executive positions will take on too much responsibility to "save" the work force, whilst appearing to be the villain of the piece by the very people they wish to save!

In essence, the drama triangle of victim, persecutor and rescuer is very often condoned, supported and maintained.

The sooner everyone gets that THEY are the organisation and to challenge, contribute and change is the only way forward, the more likely they are all going to succeed together!


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